SyCipLaw 2017 Bar Passers

Congratulations to all of the firm’s Legal Assistants who will be taking their oath before the Supreme Court on June 1, 2018:

  • Spencer M. Albos
  • Kevin Bill L. Alcid
  • Richard Armand C. Angeles
  • Miguel Franco T. Dimayacyac
  • Joachim Alfonso P. Dompor
  • Russel Stanley Q. Geronimo
  • Raul Ronald M. Husmillo
  • Lyan David M. Juanico (11th place)
  • Marion Nerisse D. Kho
  • Jemannoel A. Mora
  • April Joy G. Ong
  • Patricia Czarina M. Paguio
  • Lois Philippe M. Pelito
  • Jewelle Ann Lou P. Santos (14th place)
  • Michaela Marie I. Soco
  • Carl Ron F. Villamil
  • John Michael S. Villanueva
  • Bianca Danica S. Villarama

The Philippine Supreme Court released the results of the 2017 Bar Examinations last April 26.