Job Categories




Senior Paralegal (EID)

  1.  Supervise immigration staff in providing a timely and efficient support to immigration clients regarding visas and permits (from checklists of requirements, preparation of documents / reports, release of updates / notices).
  2.  Handle escalation protocol to facilitate processing of visas / permits.
  3.  Release to clients advisories issued by the Bureau of Immigration (BI), Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) and Department of Justice (DOJ).
  4.  Attend meetings with expatriates and local entity officers as requested by the head of the Immigration Unit and other partners of the Firm.
  5.  Review documents related to immigration processes (requests, notices, motions, approvals etc.)
  6.  Monitor incoming and outgoing documents and the itinerary of paralegals on a daily basis.
  7.  Coordinate with immigration lawyers of the Firm for status of cases and schedule of hearings.
  8.  Prepare periodic status reports.
  9.  Handle opening of new business matters (NBM) for immigration clients.
  10.  Assist the head of the Immigration Unit in overseeing and evaluating the performance of immigration staff.
  11.  Work with the Head of the Immigration Unit in updating the checklist of requirements for visa and permit applications, engagement proposals and fee quotations
  12.  Attend to other immigration work as the need arises.

  •  Graduate of any 4 - year course
  •  With at least 5 years of experience in immigration-related work