Advertising, Media & Entertainment

We have a thorough knowledge of all the aspects of transaction and contract work that spring from the operations of advertising, media and entertainment businesses, from immigration issues affecting foreign talent to trademark licensing to food and drug laws that impact on advertising. We have advised content owners such as foreign networks and studios in their dealings with local media enterprises, as well as provided advice on content standards and restrictions. Our expertise covers codes and regulations issued by self-regulating bodies in the advertising and media industries, and we regularly deal with such agencies.

Transactions in the advertising and media industries are often overlayed by regulatory and nationality concerns. SyCip has significant experience in structuring and managing these transactions. We have advised and guided the largest international advertising firms in their compliance with Constitutional divestment and nationality requirements. We have drawn on our expertise in corporate finance to bring together local media enterprises and investors, enabling the former to tap technology and funds offered by global players.

We keep abreast of the continuing convergence of media, telecommunications, and e-business, and are uniquely able to help our clients resolve inter-disciplinary concerns in this practice area.

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